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Brother Printer Errors And Their Solutions

As of this moment, Brother Printer stands at the being the best printing peripheral. This amazing device has beaten even its nearest competitor by a large margin. But, does being the best means no error? The answer to this conundrum is no. Brother printer, while extremely robust and packed with self-rectifying features, it can still be obstructed some of the most conventional errors that are prevalent in almost every printing peripheral. Does that mean that the device is bad? No, it does not. These errors represent themselves as codes and codes can be dealt with.

Brother Support Presents: Most Common Error Codes And Their Solutions

Ironically, there is a positive lining to look for in printer errors are that they always represent them with codes. The detailed analysis of these codes helps the users come with a proper diagnosis and fix the device without any hiccup. These codes are much more substantial when it comes to Brother Printers though.

Error Codes And Their Solutions

  • Code 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 3C, 3F: These codes are clubbed together because they represent the same malfunction in different brother printer models: machine disabled due to a paper jam.
  • Solution: Clearing the paper jam will fix this issue. To clear the paper jamming:
  • turn over the device,
  • remove the small panel,
  • remove the contaminants,
  • turn the device back over
  • Use the soft brush to clear the contaminants in the system tray
  • Reintroduce, realign and reset the paper
  • Turn on the printer
  • Code 40, 42, 43, and 44: These codes indicate that there is a drastic increase in the printer’s internal temperature. As a protip, this error is much more detriment to the device’s health than any other. Therefore, you should perform diagnosis ASAP
  • Solution: Reduce the temperature. To accomplish this:
  • Unplug the printing device from the AC outlet
  • Let it stay that way for a while
  • Re-insert the plug and start the device again
  • If there is no change, unplug the device and put it in a room with optimal temperature
  • Code 46: This particular code represents that the waste ink Absorber pad has reached its limit and a prompt replacement is needed.
  • Solution: Replace the waste ink absorber pad. The procedure to perform is pretty self-explanatory. P.S this replacement should then be applied to the DCP and MFC model.
  • Get some napkins and gloves. Put on the gloves
  • Turn off and unplug the device
  • Open the brother printer as if you are removing the cartridges
  • Beside the ink cartridges, there is a black rubber frame. This frame is the waste ink absorber. Clean the excess ink present on it using the napkin
  • Gently, pull out the rubber frame
  • Clean the excess ink still present
  • Insert a new absorber pad.
  • Error 49: This code indicates that the internal temperature is a bit too low. This malfunction only occurs in rare circumstances.
  • Solution: Increase the temperature.
  • Unplug the device
  • Take the printer in a warmer atmosphere
  • If you are satisfied with the surface temperature
  • Re-plug and restart the device

While there are other malfunctions present, the mentioned are the ones that occur most commonly and who troubleshoot is easy to perform.

In case you seek more information regarding the printer errors, you can Contact Brother Technical Support at their toll-free number 1800-431-287 . Accessing the aid of these technicians there won’t only get you access to the most relevant troubleshoots, but will avail you to some of the major tips and tricks to get the maximum out of brother printers.

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