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How to Setup a Brother Wireless Printer Using Control Panel?

If you have recently bought a wireless printer and you are struggling with the process to connect it to the computer as there are no cables like you had in your previous printer, the process of connecting a brother printer is quite simple. You can either follow the steps provided by us or Contact Brother Support if you find issues with the process.

Before starting the setup of the wireless network, you must be aware of the network name, key, password, security key, encryption key, etc. This information is located on the side of WLAN router.

Follow These Steps and Set up a Touch Screen Wireless Device

  • The first thing that you need to do is to connect the AC power cable to the printer device and the power socket.
  • Press the power button on the device to turn it on.
  • Go to settings and click on the All Settings tab.
  • Choose network and tap on the WLAN option to select the Setup Wizard
  • It will display the “Switch Network Interface to Wireless”
  • Press Yes to open the setup menu and No to cancel
  • After this, the system will search and display all the available SSIDs
  • You can use touch the directional keys to open the menu; Select the desired SSID and click OK to finally connect to that network

Perform one of the Following Actions

  • Enter the network key if you are using the encryption and authentication process which depends on the network key.
  • You need to skip this step if your authentication method is Open System.
  • Tap Yes If the WLAN of your printer supports WPS and you see the notification “The selected access router support WPS
  • Press next at the prompt Start WPS on your wireless access point/router.

After a short while, you would see that “Connected” is displayed and the printer device will print a wireless status. In this article, we have supplied the method of configuring a touch screen device. There is a different process of setting up other models. You are suggested to dial Brother Support Number 1800-431-355 to learn about those methods. If you face issues while executing these steps, then you can contact us freely without delaying.

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